How to Get Your Child to Eat Healthy Foods

Published on 10.18.2017

Parents want to raise children who become responsible and courteous adults, who learn to establish a healthy eating pattern in their own lives when they are grown. What most parents don’t realize is that this means fostering good eating habits at a very early age. In fact, the earlier children are exposed to healthy


How to Naturally Prevent Diaper Rash

Published on 08.30.2017

Having a newborn can be a challenge, especially if you are a new parent. The only way babies can communicate is through their cries. Smiles and coos, of course, will come later, but for the first six to eight weeks of life, parents will need to figure out what their newborn’s cries mean. Is


An Argument for Why I Circumcised My Son

Published on 05.26.2017

By Sabrina Cortes – Mom My husband and I are in our second marriage. When we learned that we were expecting, we had mixed emotions because we are also an older couple which comes with additional concerns. At the time, I was 41 years old, and my husband is 12 years my senior. Although we


To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed

Published on 04.18.2017

Choosing whether to breastfeed or formula feed a baby is often a decision that should be carefully thought about to ensure that your baby obtains the necessary nutrients to help him or her grow. To expectant and new parents, this decision can be difficult especially if they aren’t knowledgeable about both options and don’t know


What Is Colic and How Can I Help My Newborn Find Relief?

Published on 04.07.2017

Colic can be a parent’s worst nightmare when it comes to the health of their newborn. Unfortunately, scientists do not know much about the origin of colic, only that it effects your baby’s digestive system and causes your little one pain and discomfort. Doctors suspect that colic can be caused by the baby’s diet. Perhaps

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