Doctor`s Approach vs. Holistic Approach


Parents want to raise children who become responsible and courteous adults, who learn to establish a healthy eating pattern in their own lives when they are grown.


Baby Circumcision

With_babyDear Parents,

Welcome to my website and thank you for allowing me to help guide you through this important and critical milestone in your baby’s life. Although I have tried to cover as much information as possible regarding baby circumcision, I realize that it is impossible to cover everything and I encourage you to call me with any questions or concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to do so.

For some, the decision to circumcise or not to circumcise is simple. For others, much thought, research and contemplation goes into making this important decision. It is not uncommon for me to receive calls from literally around the world asking whether or not I feel they should circumcise their child. I explain to them that this is a decision they have to make for themselves.

However, I do explain that there are three main reasons why people choose to┬ábaby circumcision: 1) Religious – Parents believe that their religion requires this of their adherents, 2) Medically – Parents, or their doctors, believe that it is healthier and in the child’s best interest to be circumcised, and 3) Social – Parents don’t want their child to look different than other male family members or friends. read more…

Thought of the Day

We sometimes mistake a statement for the truth because what is said “applies” so well. We must be aware, however, that almost anything can be made to apply to anything. Remembering this we might be better able to judge what is only made to apply, and what, indeed does apply.

From A Candle by Day by Rabbi Shraga Silverstein