“We decided to circumcise our son because I am Jewish and the covenant between G-d and Abraham is very important…We wanted a more natural experience and that is why we chose Rabbi Mike. The entire procedure took less than a minute which is a lot better then 10-30 minutes in a hospital…”

“We had three other boys who were circumcised in the hospital… We weren’t allowed to be there. With Rabbi Mike we were fully involved and we loved being there…It was great!”

“The procedure was super quick and as you can see the baby is happy.  It really was less than a minute and we were done and he stopped crying really quickly I nursed him for a couple of minutes and now he’s super happy – It was great!”

We chose Rabbi Mike becuase we did some research on him and we found all the great reviews.  We really liked this procedure as opposed to the hospital because [it] took about 30 seconds and the hospital took much longer; and we were not allowed to be with our baby during the [hospital circumcision].

“What stood out during the whole circumcision process for us, I believe, [was] just the fact that it was so quick and we’re able to be a part of it…instead of him being taken from us and it taking place [somewhere else]…”

“Rabbi Rovinsky definitely has some good jokes. He gets your mind off of the issue and puts you at ease and relaxes you, and that was definitely one of the most enjoyable parts–being at ease with the whole situation…”

“It was a great experience, as opposed to what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be really painful and terrible to watch, but overall I can say it was a really special experience for us.”

“I look back on the circumcision experience, with our first and second son, very fondly; and I feel like it was a shared experience between myself and my sons because I was in the same room and I felt like part of the process…”

“Rabbi Rovinsky was fast and very efficient, very quick. It was probably the fastest and smoothest [circumcision] I’ve seen and that’s what we were looking for and that’s the kind of experience we were told we would get here so it was absolutely great!”

“It is our privilege that you are here to perform the circumcision of our first born son. Particularly since you have become a part of our entire familys traditions…Thank you for traveling to Dallas to make this time so special for us. We are truly grateful!”

Debbie Barry and Brian B.
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