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Bris Milah and Kiruv: A Powerful Combination

Published on 03.29.2013

During this period of Sefiras HaOmer, the middos of ahavas Yisrael and kavod habriyos are ones we should all be strengthening. Rabbi Michael Rovinsky, a resident of the St. Louis Jewish community, is a man who exemplifies both. Through his kiruv projects, he has brought many closer to avodas Hashem. Read the full article…  

NCSY Inducts Rabbi Michael Rovinsky, of St. Louis, into Ben Zakkai Honor Society

Published on 03.29.2013

NCSY | Jewish Youth Leadership, the international youth movement of the Orthodox Union, inducted Rabbi Michael Rovinsky, of St. Louis, into its Ben Zakkai Honor Society (BZHS) last Sunday at its Annual Scholarship Reception. Read the full article…

Jewish Federation honors Rabbi Michael Rovinsky

Published on 11.14.2012

Rabbi Michael Rovinsky, Director of the Jewish Student Union (JSU), founder and director of Camp Nageela Midwest in Indiana, and a St. Louis mohel, is recipient of the 2012 Fred A. Goldstein Memorial Service Award for professional excellence. Read the full article…

Rabbis assail attacks on circumcision

Published on 07.06.2011

A local mohel, Rabbi Mike Rovinsky, makes the distinction between the way he prefers to perform the ritual on the eighth day after a Jewish boy’s birth and the way circumcisions usually are done in a hospital. Read the full article…

Tipping a Mohel?

Published on 09.23.2008

By the way, we used Rabbi Rovinsky as well. He does not live in Dallas, though, but comes in often to perform brismalah.  Read the full forum…

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