When Should I Start Giving Vitamins to My Toddler?

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Trying to get your child to eat healthy foods can be a challenge, especially when there’s a fast food restaurant on every corner. Add that to your already hectic schedule, and many parents fall into the trap and eat at the fast food restaurant just because it’s easier. They didn’t have to think about making

Why Is Reading Aloud to My Child Beneficial?

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Reading, in general, is good for people, and many individuals enjoy the feeling of holding a physical book in their hands and turning the pages. Reading is a physical, mental, and emotional experience. The same is true when parents and caregivers read aloud to children. Reading to children engages their brain and emotions on many

What Are the Emotional Milestones My Baby Should Reach Within the First Year?

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Parenting is hard, especially when it comes to babies. Children are a source of joy to their parents. But how do parents know if their baby is developing on time and meeting the emotional milestones that are so important in the first year of life? When a baby is first born, they cannot express emotions

Why Parents Choose Rabbi Mike to Circumcise their Son

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  The practice of circumcising newborn boys has been around for quite sometime. These days, hospitals as well as individuals like Midwives and Mohels have been specially trained to perform the procedure. With so many options out there, it is important that parents do their research and choose a person who they feel is qualified

Musings from an Itinerant Mohel (Circumciser) Stuck in Eureka, Montana

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It’s 2:15Pm on a Monday and I am sitting in an airport in Eureka, Montana. Not an uncommon occurrence in my life as a mohel. However, today’s trip, did not pan out as planned, but the resulting circumstances have emphasized an important lesson in life that is too often forgotten by so many, me included.